Welcome to Seek Fitness!

Seek Fitness was created with one thing in mind. Delivering a complete training system to get you into the best shape of your life in a wildly, crazy and fun atmosphere. Seek is entertaining atmosphere where the client have a blast, laughing, crying, groaning and moaning. Working out is hard enough we all know that. The key to continue with a great program is to enjoy it. If you ask any fitness professional what is the best thing for cardio. The answer is going to be the one that you like the most. Face it if you don’t like what you do or if it doesn’t keep your interest you are not going to do for that much longer regardless of how good it is for you.

My name is Raymond and have been training for the past 13 years, I have trained people of all ages, from the young athletes, to your advanced age, your special populations and to the injured. Along the road one thing was always clear. We need to stick together in order to make a difference. Working out is hard, with all the information that is out there. Pushing yourself to the limit is hard when there is no motivation. And it’s hard to work effectively when you don’t know what you are doing. Years of experience has helped me understand these fundamentals and know that as long as we work together we can change not only our own lives in health and fitness but the lives of others through what we do.

Think about this, days pass, then weeks pass, then months pass, and then years pass. One day IT hits like a brick wall and you finally say,”I’m done, I’m not staying like this and something needs to change. You know what … by the time that happens you are absolutely right. Seek Fitness is perfect tool to get you back to feeling the way that you deserve to feel. That is looking and feeling great naked. Imagine looking at yourself in your best outfit and say, “DAMN!! I look good.” Then imagine saying that to yourself without the clothes on. If you can’t do both then look no further, give the Seek Experience a chance and get started with our FIT-Pass or 21 Day Jump Start Program.

Seek Fitness is all about delivering great workouts. If you are afraid to put in the work, get a little or a lot sweaty maybe a little dirty then this isn’t the place for you. If you are looking to drop that 50 lbs in a week and have no idea where to begin this isn’t for you either. Maybe you just want a fast and easy way to get that dream body. We can get you there without a doubt but if you are not willing to put the work in or take that time necessary then this maybe a step out of reach. We are about putting together effective heart pumping, body changing workouts from beginning to end. We are committed to your success and we need you to be committed to it as well.

Getting yourself to feeling and looking your best has never been so easy. Come in, train hard, eat right. That’s all there is to it. We will give you everything that you need to get there but you have to take the first step to sign up and introduce yourself to the Seek Experience to change your body and transform your life.


To complement our fitness programs, we recommend massage. There are different massage schools and techniques for you to choose from. The most obvious would be sports massage of coure, but you can try more exotic modalities, like lomi lomi massage or even controversial tantric massage. These massages are dealing not only with the body as a physical entity, but with the alignment of energies, clearing out of the blockages and soul-body-mind connection. Incorporating massages into your health and fitness routine can help you achieve holistic, balanced health, based on harmony of all the elements of human being.